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Sacheen Ladies Of The Lake


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 Dear Ladies of the Lake,
As of July 1, 2014 the Ladies of the Lake organization will be coming to a close. In the last 2-3 years membership and active participation has declined significantly so the decision was made that this is probably the best route to take. Over the years we have had fun socializing with potlucks, boat rides, auctions etc. and worked hard on money making projects such as calendars and cookbooks, just to name a few. Unfortunately, these things need the support of many hands and cannot be accomplished by only a few.
We are currently in the process of figuring out a “home” for our assets. All our Christmas decorations, table cloths etc have been donated to the Sacheen fire department where they have been used/stored for the last few years. The scrapbooks have been gone through and organized and donated to the Pend Oreille Historical Society where they can be viewed by all instead of being stored in a suitcase. We are combining the Sunshine fund with the General fund and will close out our account with donations to the same organizations as last year. Those were Youth Emergency Services (Y.E.S.), N.E. Washington Health Programs (Hospice), Rural Resources Community Action (both Head Start Program and the Senior Basket for the Aging and Long Term Care Program), Newport Food Bank, Pend Oreille Co. PUD (Neighbors in Need Program), and Pend Oreille Fire District #3 (Sacheen Fire Station). Also, the Newport Boy Scouts have been contacted to see if they want to have the remaining Christmas bags to sell for their own funds. Other remaining craft items (aprons, potholders, bags etc) will be donated for others to use or sell.
Although the Ladies of the Lake, as we know it today, will no longer be in existence, we can look back on all the good times we have had and also feel good about the impact we have made on our community with our annual donations and adopted Christmas families. Please keep these organizations in mind and possibly donate “in honor of Sacheen Ladies of the Lake”. Thank you.
Maria (Sug) Bullock, President
Jill Short, Past President
Dorothy Beyersdorf, Treasurer
Jeri Prange, Secretary
Pam Zarko, Asst Secretary/Treasurer

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