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Two dogs have been missing since 11/1.


My two dogs have been missing since 11/1. Please if you have seen them, know where they are , or have any info please call Diane or Paul anytime day or night at 509-447-5071.

1.  4 year old male. His name is Bosco. He's a wolf/Sheppard mix black with white spot on his chest. He weighs 65 pounds, has distinct yellow-brownish eye color and isn't wearing a collar. Normally he's standoffish around strangers but won't bite. He has a deep bark and also howls.

2.  4 year old female. Her name is Bert. She's a wolf/Husky mix. She looks like the wolf from "Dances With Wolves". She weighs 55 pounds, is pregnant, and her litter is due approx 11/28-11/30. She has brown eyes, and is wearing a wide black nylon collar. She is normally standoffish around strangers also and she wont bite.

If you see them and can catch her the male will stay with her. He's capable of jumping a 6' high fence but she cant. Thank everyone for their help.
Diane and Paul Davis

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