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2010 Sacheen Lake trout Stocking

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The 2010 Washington State trout forecast is out from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
The WDFW stocks some 334 lakes in the State each year with planter trout from fry and catchables to jumbo triploids. As the last Saturday in April approaches, the WDFW releases a press release to announce opening day. WDFW plants some 3.5 million catchable rainbows, most around 8 inches and many 1/12 to 2 pound jumbo trout.
 "The agency releases approximately 20 million trout fry, primarily into nutrient-rich lakes east of the Cascades. WDFW employs a variety of stocking strategies in the eastern third of the state. Some of eastern Washington's most scenic and productive lakes are located in Pend Oreille County. Diamond Lake is one of the most heavily planted, with 28,600 rainbow fry, 15,000 adult brown trout, 30,000 adult rainbows 8 to 12", and 900 rainbows 14-inchers or larger, Sacheen Lake is receiving in Mar, Apr.  6,000 adult rainbows 8 to 12", 300 jumbo eastern brook 14" or larger, 20,000 rainbow fry 2 to 5 inch, 7,000 tiger trout fry, and 13,000 eastern brook fry Sacheen lake Boat Launch opens April 17th. 

2010 Trout Stocking Plan for Washington Lakes and Streams.pdf file

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