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Minutes: November 20,2008

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MINUTES: November 20. 2008 LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. All Commissioners were present. Commissioner Short would like added to the minutes the RCW that concems the release of meeting minutes for public record.

Note was made that certification of the election, and therefore the District's M&O levy results, will be made on Tuesday the 25 by the County Auditor. The certification let us know what funds we will have to work with nsxt year for our budget. Commissioner Short requests a copy of the proposed budget used for the M&O proposal.  The Board went into Executive Session at 4:10 to discuss property acquisition (RCW42.30.I10). They returned at 4:30.

Motion was made by Commissioner Short and seconded to wait until the M&O is certified before deciding to continue with negotiations regarding property acquisition for a sewer treatment site.

Question was asked why we would not go forward with the proposal for the property when we really do have a majority in favor for our M&O, even if it is not a supermajority as required to pass the levy. 58+% saying yes to the levy is a voiced majority. Comment was made that we will never know how many property owners are for or against a whole lake sewer system until we officially propose the formation of the LID for a whole lake sewer system. If the offer is made contingent on the formation of the LID, then if the LID does not go through there will be no obligation. Question.....why wait?? Note was made that the LID process is actually more accurate for our circumstances as it is put before all the District property owners and not just the registered voters. Request was made that all 300+ property owners be allowed to voice their opinion and determine whether the project goes ahead. M&O request is predicated on ONLY registered voters where the LID process includes ALL property owners.


The use of the "Vost Stystem" has been brought up as an option for our waste water treatment system. Andy has been calling the company with questions. His main concern is that the system only provides the secondary treatrnent and not what will be done with the treated effluent. The owner said "dump the water on the ground or in a creek". DOE will not allow either of these nor into a trench as suggested. Even with treated water you do not want to discharge into a drainfield or into the ground. The president of the company finally called Andy two days ago and said they are not interested in selling their system to us. They will not be involved with us. Andy says that land application is truly most effective way to deal with effluent. We can even apply a certain amount of effluent in the winter to evergreen tree stands. We want to minimize operational costs. Rich Prange questionedthe20% Engineering fee and l0% Contingency fee that is in the Comprehensive Plan. Andy says that these fees will be negotiated when the project goes through. Question posed as to who covers an "unknown in the road"? Andy says that's why they try to estimate as best as possible. . Andy said that he picked a random sample out of DOE files one day and the averageengineering fee was 24-25%. Comment was made that to offset the recession that President-elect Obama may be setting up grants available for infrastructure that could assist us. Comment was made that assuming that Stimson is not going to sell the property to someone else while we "wait and see" is ludicrous.  Question was asked what the District did to assist the passage of the M&O aside from sending out an informational letter? Commissioner Storms comments that Sacheen Lake Estates is coming up for Sheriffs  sale in  january.

Motion was still on the floor that the Board wait until after the election is certified to decide whether to proceed with an offer to Stimson. The motion was clarified that it wait until the December 4 meeting. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Storms.

In Favor: Commissioners Storms and Short

Against: CommissionerSchmidt

Question was asked as to how the District is billed by Mike Ormsby. Billing toward the "Sewer LID" is being carried by Mr. Ormsby. When the project goes forward we will see billing built into project loans and payback. Billings for other issues are invoiced to the District as they occur.  Concem was expressed that the Board is not making policy decisions that need to be made before the project costs can be determined.


 Letter from Brian & Carol Hood in response to annexation request. Letter from Don Hill, Sacheen Betterment Association President with proposal for beaver tube maintenance. (Commissioner Short requests copy of letter)  Motion made by Commissioner Schmidt to allow volunteers from the Betterment Association to build and install additional trash racks and maintain tubes in lieu of paid employees, but allow for return of employees if needed. Motion was seconded and unanimously passed.  Don Hill states that the SBA Board has taken the position that they support the construction of a whole lake sewer svstem.

Vouchers were signed.

The next meeting will be December 4 @7:00.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:10

Sheila Pearman,

Managing Secretary

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