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Minutes: October 2, 2008

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MINUTES: October 2, 2008

LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. Commissioner Storms was also present. The minutes of the September 18 and 29 meetings were read. Minutes were approved with the following addition to the minutes of the 18th:


- After the letter from Rieh and I.inda Cannon was read Jill Short inquired as to where the other three candidates were, as she and Maria Bullock were the only candidales in attendance.


- Question was raised as to how the discussion with Stimson went regarding the property on Rocky Gorge. The District's attorney, Mike Ormsby represented the Board in its presentation to Stimson. We will now wait to hear back from Stimson to see if they are interested in selling the property to us.

- Question was raised as to what will happen if the Stimson property does not work out. One alternative would be the Kopp property and possibly to continue searching for other property.

- Sheila reported that the divers have completed their survey and hand pulling for the sea.5J.)n. They fecI that this year's treatment was not as effective as we would have hoped. Also found that there is milfoil in the narrows and west end oflake as well as below the bridge. Dave Lamb will be in touch with Teny McNabb of Aqualechnex and arrange for a time when they can both attend a Board meeting to discuss what the best course of action will be for next season.

- Sheila noted that there was a high reading on one of the fecal tests taken in August. This site was retested in early September and was within acceptable limits. Question was asked what is being done with the water quality testing information and where it can be found. It has been part of the reports that Dave Lamb has put together with our water quality and milfoil work. Presently the Watershed Committee is working on a site where entities can enter and record their data.

- Sheila read a letter from Don Hill to the Board regarding the continued vacancy on the Board. He urges the Board to make an objective decision to move forward.

- Bill Lands expressed concern that Commissioner positions are not representative of different areas around the lake. He also feels that that the Kopp property cannot support a treatment area for the whole lake.

- Rich Prange believes that the criteria for selecting a Commissioner to fill a vacant position has always been by attendance.

- Commissioner Schmidt affirms that both Commissioners have agreed to allow the County Commissioners to select our new Commissioner.

- Jill Short wants it made known that at the August 7 meeting she was the only person to volunteer to fill the vacant position.

- Linda Cannon suggests that volunteering to fill the position is good but at this point in the process to develop a sewer system for Sacheen that we need someone with experience in moving such a project forward. She asks what is holding the process up?

I. We need to update the Comp Plan .... know where the treatment plant will be

2.Update the Facility Plan to be accurate and concise 3. Complete the Design with both of the above in place

- Mike Ormsby suggests that within the first quarter of '09 that we hold one more educational workshop and then present the request for the LID.

- Mike Kanyer suggests that the requirements for our new Commissioner should not be a higher standard than our current board members.

- Note was made that there never has been a requirement that Board members live in different areas of the District.

- Rose Roque asks why it would matter what area a Commissioner comes from if the idea is to sewer the whole Jake.


- Deb Storms notes that the Sachccn Betterment Association has representatives from 8 separate areas of the lake as a division.

- An ita King suggests that if the District is following the RCW's then it is not necessary to assign representation by «areas".

- Commissioner Storms says that he wishes we were requesting formation for the LID right now as it is not moving as fast as he would like.

- Max Smith asks how this got from a system for the Terrace to a whole lake system? Commissioner Storms says that as the Terrace system started moving forward, several different areas around the lake came forward with support for serving their areas. Realization is that going forward with a whole lake system is cost effective and best for the lake.

- Mike Kanyer requests that the Board consider putting the purchase of property for a treatment site on a Bond issue.

- Subject of Bond issue for purchasing downstream Silver City property was brought up. This bond approval cannot be used to purchase anything but the property originally proposed.

- Cathy Retterrer also suggests that by putting forward a Bond issue that all property owners do not get a say, only those who are registered voters. The LID process better represents all property owncrs.

- Karen and Dan White suggest that from tonight's meeting they are hearing that our Commissioner candidate needs negotiating and financing skills.

- Commissioner Storms says that Gary Mitchell from Rural Development Corp. will be attending our next

        meeting. That group would like our sewer project to be a pilot project for them.                       '

- Luke Short questioned whether the Board has looked at any other engineering firms other than Sewell or whether there has been a second opinion on the proposed project. Is the Board really confident that Sewell can do the job? He does not think that Sewell has a good reputation.

- Rich Prange asks what type of cost accounting will he used? The Board suggests that be a question for Eric Eldenburg next time he comes.

- Anita King, who bids large phone systems, says that specs are written for a job. Bidding is done exactly to those specs. If the bid turns out to be wrong, the sub contractor takes the hit.

- Has Sewell given what their fee is for their engineering services? The Comprehensive plan says 20%.

- Max Smith asks why the lake'level is going up. Sheila said that Justin & Danni went down today and

cleared out blockage. Hopefully we will see the level going down. (She also reported tflat she was surprised that at the last Watershed mceting that the rep from Spokane Conservation District said that plant growth during the season also affects water level.)

- Jill Short says that it was Commissioner Schmidt that brought up the letter that Jill wrote to the Board in May, not her. She also wants to state for the record that she is not an SOS member.

,_..r Jill suggests that a whole lake system is being~hnllXlttbwn~e's fjm.}at1 with the proposal of the LID.

- Mike Kanyer questions the support required with the request for the formation of an LID. The main point being that we all work together for a common goal.

- Rich Prange says that he feels that the dialogue that has happened has brought more people into the process.

- Dan White states that even though his septic system is functioning well that he supports a whole lake system because it is what is best for the community and Sacheen Lake.

The next meeting will be October 16 at 4:00. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25

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