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Minutes: September 4, 2008
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MINUTES: September 4,2008

LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. Commissioner Storms was also present. The minutes of the August 21 meeting were read and approved with the following amendment:

- Maria Bullock says that she was in support of the sewer system but was not requesting to be part of an LID.


- Regarding the vacant Commissioner position. Jeff sees no reason to interview any of the candidates as he will not change his mind and feels it would be a waste of the applicants' time. He feels that it is odd that we only see 2 maybe three of the candidates at the meetings. He feels that the decision should be made by an unbiased group.

- Jill Short brought up the letter that she wrote to the Board in May asking to be e;>cluded from the District. She says it was written only because ofthe concern for enough room on the Kopp property. Once we began looking at the 160 acres she has been in support.

- Deb Kanyer feels that Ron misunderstands their position regarding sewer. She feels that Jill looks at the whole picture.

- Jason Sargent feels that Sacheen needs a sewer but does not trust what has been done.

- Bill Lands feels that since we have started looking to go to the Stimson property that support and

momentum for the project has grown.

- The Board went into Executive Session for 5 minutes to discuss Commissioner Candidates.

- As the two Board members do not agree on a replacement for Jan's position, we will request that

the County Commissioners make the decision once the 90 period required by the RCW is up. Sheila will verify that we have to wait 90 days.

- Sheila presented the Board with the appraisal of the Stimson property prepared by Am-Pac Appraisal Service. It is appraised at $335,000

- Bill Lands thinks that Stimson is looking for considerably more than $335,000 for a land value. He emphasizes that we need to consider what the value of the land is to the District.

- The Board has posted notice of a special meeting Friday September 5 to meet with Eric Eldenburg and Gary Mitchell to bring Gary up to speed and to see if the services ofRC&D might be of benefit to us.

- Deb Storms says that Sewell has designed systems around that lake that have failed.

- Sally Storms says that her installer found a problem with her design and fixed it after which

Sewell signed off on it.

- Question as to when we will send out the LID hearing notice was posed. It is felt that we need to have a better handle on the property cost before we can propose the LID.

- Sheila presented a draft of the letter to be sent to lakefront property owners whose property lie outside District boundaries. Motion was made and passed to send the letters as presented. Sheila was asked to send them with verification of delivery.

- Question was asked, how do we determine a price to offer Stimson if we offer more than the appraised value?

The next meeting will be September 18, at 4:00 The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm

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