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Minutes: July 3, 2008
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MINUTES: July 3, 2008                                                      LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. All Commissioners were present. The minutes of the June 19 meeting were read and approved with the following comment:

Several people felt that Eric Eldcnburg was less than professional with his comment to Bill Lands regarding purported "'delay tactics".


- Sheila presented letters received [Tom several area residents expressing opinions on sewer project.

- Copy of space saving wastewater treatment sent by Paul James.

- Copy of amortization schedule from PWTF

- Letter from Dwight Opp from Stimson Lumber in response to our inquiry.


Sheila updated the Board on conversations she had with:

- Danielle Finley, DOH - Cedar Creek water system was brought into compliance in April.

- Jim Sayre, Tri County Health re: Cedar Creed("

The request that pads 4, 7 & 8 not be occupied was not a court order, but a recommendation.

With no pictures or depositions there was no "evidence" of disturbance.

"There are 100 homes at ~acheen that each puts out more waste than all the trailers at Cedar

                                                                                                                                                    Creek in a year"                                                                                                                                                     .

Dry wells, cess pools and 55 gallon drums are not legal treatment systems because they fail to treat the waste~ it just slowly disperses it into the ground.

- Mike Lithgow, County Planning

Property aggregation requires a filling out a Request for Property Line Adjustment. Present that with title report, map to scale of current lot lines and one of proposed lot lines. Cost is $350 plus $75 per lot being adjusted.

If putting multiple lots into one and existing exterior bOWldaries remain the same, no survey is required. If changing or moving lines, would need a survey.

Once aggregate~ VERY DIFFICULT to separate again.

Usually see a reduction of your property tax when aggregated.

When considering hook ups, Mike feels each building should have a separate connection.

- There was general discussion about the sizing of the proposed system and who might be served.

- Stimson property was discussed. According to the letter received Stimson might be interested

in selling the whole parcel, (160 acres) but would not split it. In considering any offer it would need to be with a value based on highest and best use, not just what the county assessment is.

- PWTF Loan discussion. Sheila presented the Board with copies of the amortization schedule. Each of the next three years we will have a principal payment of $10,854.27 with varying amounts of interests. Generally, payments will be approximately $11,000 each year. Mike Ormsby suggests one way to make these payments could be to assess a fee to each property owner. With that possibility, the cost would be less than $20 per parcel per year. Sheila will


check with Mike for further information and what would be required for this and also what other suggestions he might have.

- Anthony Newcomb asks for an estimate of what the completed Facility Plan would cost.

- Property aggregation was discussed. One concern is those who own property on both sides of a

road and whether there is any possibility that they could be aggregated. Might it be possible to "bargain" with County by allowing them easement to those properties on "other~' side of road.

- Jeff would like to put the whole lake into LID for purpose of financing the sewer project. Then go to the County Commissioners requesting letters to assist in frnancing ... use the 3030 card. Next, go to Senator Morton and Governor Gregoire and request that they go to the legislature and propose financing us. Drawback to this would be that it would take more time and set the project back. He has spoken to two of the County Commissioners already and they are willing to write letters of support. Jeff thinks Senator Morton would be willing to step up for us. He does not think this would work unless we were to do the whole lake.

- Diane Wear encourages the formation of a whole lake LID. Need to either do the whole lake or make some decision or plan for the future. She asks the Board to remember the positive response for a whole lake system expressed at the May 24 meeting.

- J an updated the Board on response of East Shore residents to interest in sewering. Out of 48 asked, she has gotten 38 responses. Of those 38, there have been 32 YES and 6 NO responses. She suggests that if a whole lake LID is not successful that Phase I be Terrace, East Shore and Kohles Beach.

-Motion was made seconded und passed not to pursue the Stimson property.

- Question was asked ifit is possible to Hopt ouf' of the LID. It is suggested that if there are

"pockets~' that do not want inclusion and there is justifiable reason for them to be left out that it might be possible, but not recormnended. Everyone should be included.

- Suggested that we ask Mike Lithgow or Jim Marthaller from the County to attend one of our meetings to address the process for aggregation.

- Jan suggests that the Board will need to make policy decisions as to whether to allow "late" hook ups to those who might "opt out" if that is an option.

The next meeting will be July 17 at 4:00. Meeting was adjourned at 9: 18.

Sheila Pearman, Managing Secretary

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