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Minutes: June 2, 2008
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Sacheen Lake
Sewer & Water District

MINUTES: June 2, 2008                                               LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station7

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. Commissioner Storms was absent. The minutes of the May 15 meeting were read and approved with the following exceptions:

         Bill Lands wants the minutes to state that Commissioner Schmidt says that the County Commissioners have "no say" in our sewer.

         Jill Short requests that we add that there was question as to how sewer service would work to Cedar Creek Resort.

         Sheila requested clarification that the paper work submitted to Sharon Sorby was for the Neighborhood Cost Share Program for possible reimbursement for weed control work.

         Sheila clarified that all Commissioners did see the Sterling/Johnson access agreement at the April 17 meeting. At that time the subject was tabled as it was again at the May 1 meeting. It was again on the agenda for the May 15 meeting and not addressed.


- Dave discussed the draft of his final report for DOE for bur milfoil control projects from 2002­2007. He asked commissioners to send him any comments or corrections they might have so he can finalize and submit to DOE. Review of draft from DOE has been positive.

- Either Terry McNabb or a designate of Aquatechnex should be here for our milfoil survey slated for June 21.

- Aquatechnex has been reque~ted to re-treat approximately 6 acres at no cost to the District. This area was treated last year with little effect due to what David considers poor application procedure.

- Dave informed the District that as part of his work with the Tribe that he is looking into the possible use of Weevils as a biological control for milfoil. He feels that this might be something for the District to consider as a control measure, but they are still working on the science of it.

- Dave says that DOE will likely not allow weevils to be transported into W A so that they would need- to cultured here. Jennifer Parsons from DOE is trying to culture them here.

- One problem with weevils is that they don't swim well so they really need to be "planted" where they are intended to work.

- Dave states that nothing in his report would suggest that our lake water quality is degrading. A few readings have been unusual, but continued monitoring will help see if those were anomalies or norms.

- Coliform bacteria was only factor to show high a couple of times.

- The water quality work that we have been doing has been based on nutrient loading and not

based on bacterial factors.

- Richard Prange says the US DOE made a survey ofthe lake in August oflast year (the lake was randomly chosen). He was told the results would be available in 2009 or 10.

- We have a little data for fecal but continued monitoring would help to develop baseline numbers.

- Dave says that Sacheen has "good recreational water quality".

- Mention was made of the green algae, (Spirogyra) that was seen below the bridge last year.

Dave says that it blooms when the water gets warm and stagnates.

- Dave was asked if he feels that as new septic systems or a sewer system goes in should we expect the lake water quality to improve? Dave says that other factors also influence and effect our water quality but that he still maintains that sewering is an important aspect for our lake.


- Sheila read the proposed access agreement out loud. Discussion and questions.

- The SterlinglJohnsons own 5 lots, ~ mile of river frontage.

- Darrell will not be doing the tube maintenance. He will build and install deceivers but Justin

Hunnel and Mike Jones will be doing the maintenance.

- Denise Sargent states that she does not want anything going to the SterlinglJohnsons for an access agreement.

- Don Hill says that he was part of the crew that was working when the HP A was breached last year and says that it was right that the District received a warning citation from Wildlife. The District is required to follow the HP A stipulations and we were not.

- Don states he feels its time to move beyond the "history" and begin to work together with our downstream neighbors.

- Sally Storms says she does not feel that paying money for access if moving forward.

- It was suggested that we move the tubes, but we have no HP A for that and also we cannot

change the stream channel. Jan says that she has been told that Wildlife would not approve moving the tubes.

- Karen Averitt reports that John Rascoff (SBA advisor) says this is private property rights and the request for payment is not out of line.

- Concern that SOS members are denied access. This element was inserted on lawyer's advice.

- Jason Sargent states that he really "dropped a bomb" on the SterlinglJohnsons when 80S

threatened them with a lawsuit. He also claims that Mary & Darrell can take out the dams but cannot kill the beavers. That they "own the dams"

- Mary & Darrell have been asked to take out the monetary element to the agreement, but they will not.

- Sally Storms expressed concern regarding payment for access agreement if the money does not come through the Watershed Group.

- Jan states that she has gone down to Mary & Darrell's twice in the past couple weeks. She hopes to get folks together to mediate and get along together again.

- Motion made by Jan to sign the access agreement with the Sterling/Johnsons

- Karen A veritt states that the Watershed Group will be taking surface measurements at the

bridge and at Harworth. They are also able to take "snapshots" and computer model the process to help determine what the "correct" level and flows might be.

- Ideal for shoreline restoration is to keep the shorelines as natural as possible.

- Jan reminds that a motion has been made to sign the access agreement. The motion is seconded

and passed. Commissioner Storms is not present.


- Sheila reports that Darrell will have the deceivers in place by the end of June.

- Sheila says that Darrell has accumulated 17 hours in his tube cleaning efforts since the end of

February. He has also been taking flow measurements at the barrier dam.

- Motion made, seconded and passed to pay Darrell for 17 hours of tube cleaning from thc end of February to the end of May. Not pay for flow measurements.

- Motion made, seconded and passed to give Justin Hunnel a $0.50 raise and to pay Mike Jones $10/hr for their lake level tech work.

- Note made that there is a debris pile by the bridge from last year that needs to be cleared. Sheila will instruct Justin and Mike to take care of it.

- Question was asked as to how many letters the District has received in response to the letter sent out by the District. Sheila reports she has received four.

- It was suggested that sending letters out is not a good way to communicate. Jill Short suggests that information is not being sent out in a consistent manner.


- Question for Eric Eldenburg

What are some of the policies that will need to be developed? How many homes can the Kopp property serve?

What will whole lake system cost?

-Don Hill expressed frustration that there is a lot of good information, but at the meeting on the 24th, it was put out poorly. He suggests that we distill the information down and develop a flyer to give/send out. Spend some time putting together a presentation from US not from the consultants. From power point down to a flyer.

- Jason Sargent suggests a good way to disseminate information is putting info on the SOS website.

- Jason asks how to go about getting de-annexed from the District.

- It was suggested using PDF flIes when minutes go onto web sites so that they cannot be altered.

- Property values will go up if/when a sewer goes in. This is a double edged sword as it is good

if you want to sell or borrow against your home, but likely will raise your tax rate.

- Jan expresses a concern that working toward a whole lake system will hold up the progress on the Terrace.

- Jan would like to contact East Shore residents who did not respond to the survey to get a more complete result. Don Hill has offered to help.

- Pat Wood asks why we are not just looking at clusters with traditional drainfields. Lack of available suitable property is one reason.

- Perry Pearman suggests that we need to lock up the Kopp property. That way we are assured of a site, whether we go whole lake or area. Question is how to purchase it? The cost is approximately $236K. How do we lock it in? Who pays for it?

- Suggestion that we send another letter out with synopsis of the information as well as a Q&A sheet based on a whole lake system.

- Sheila reports that Mike Lithgow says the County would not require/request hook-up to sewer for the public access sites as they are not buildable and have no water. The boat launch would be the same. The Park would be a District decision, but since the system there is self contained and has no water service, it would likely not need to be served.

-Jill Short says that has written to DOE regarding her concerns about Cedar Creek Resort. So far she has gotten no response. What about their public water system? What can be done?

The next meeting will be June 19 @ 4:00 Meeting was adjourned at 10:05.


Sheila Pearman, Managing Secretary


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