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Minutes: April 17, 2008
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MINUTES: April 17, 2008


LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station


The meeting was called to order at 4: 10 by Chairman Ron Schmidt with Commissioner Storms present. Commissioner Anderson arrived at 4:15. The minutes of the April 3 meeting were read and approved with the following exceptions:


Jill Short would like the minutes to state that the District officers were elected in good faith and that she would like to see the residents kept better informed.


Jill Short requests that the minutes read that she is NOT opposed to Darrell Johnson being hired to do the beaver tube work and maintenance, she is concerned that he is being compensated from the proper coffers. Also that his pay be reasonable as previous employees with a direction as to maximum number of hours he can work each week.


Clarification as to whether E-I system would be usable with a generator if there is a power outage, Eric said yes.


Donna Lands would like it noted that Eric Eldenburg stated that it is very difficult to place sewers because of public perception.


Mike Kanyer stated that if there is serious thought to paying Darrell Johnson $25 per hour then he feels it should go out for bid.



- Mike Kanyer questioned whether the numbers given in the Comp Plan would still be valid if only the Terrace or a small area of the lake were to be sewered. Eric replied that because of economy of scale and land costs associated with any system, the numbers would change according to how many homes were being served


- Eric reminds us that the Comp Plan looks at the "big picture" and that cost projections are more applicable to the next phase of the Facility Plan. The numbers will be firmed up as the area to be served is defined/refined. The Board needs to get a true feeling of interest from property owners to determine where to take the project.


- How is it decided who will be included in an LID if there is no vote? After meetings/public hearings regarding the formation of an LID and its boundaries, there is a 30 day period in which people can respond. Look for hard negatives, those against going ahead.


- Is it possible to go ahead and build a whole lake system but only have people pay toward it as they decide to hook up? NO


- Mike Kanyer asks when the Board plans to make the determination of boundaries for the LID and what is "enough" support to push a project through. Ron says he would like to see how the informational meetings go this summer and see what support there is from the District.   Jan suggests that we may end up only doing the Terrace or possibly through Kohles Beach as a first phase. Eric says that if he were a Board member he would want input from the Residents that would come from the informational meetings throughout the summer.


-Mike Kanyer says he does not think anyone is against cleaning up the lake, but that the Board needs to be in touch with its constituents to read what is wanted by the District. Keep everyone informed.


- Jeff suggests that the Board might want to put the purchase of the proposed property on the ballot in order to obtain it for current and future use by the District.


- Georgeen Estes comments that the whole project is skewed to those people who live on the lake. Has the Board taken into consideration those who live around the area such as those who live next to the proposed site?


- Eric says that once a site is actually chosen, then further notification is done.


- Eric produced District maps that have been updated to include lots that have been combined or split since District formation. This map confirms the number of lots in the District to be 607. The working number of 420 lots may be low, so that number will need to be further investigated.


- If the 420 number is low, will the Kopp property still be adequate to serve the needs of the whole lake? This will need to be determined with further research on the additional 20 acres.


- Gary Beyersdorf asks that before residents are asked to commit to a project that numbers be solidified both high and low so everyone knows what the range would be.


- Board discussed going over the letter Sheila has written for the District during the meeting. Motion was made and passed to review and edit after the meeting.


- Sheila submitted Dave Lamb's revised proposal his work for the District in 2008. The revised proposal is in the amount of $3,000. Motion was made and passed to sign the professional services agreement with Dave Lamb.



- Letter from Linda Cannon with property owner interest in sewering from 2006 for the SW end of the lake.


- Response from Jim Marthaller of Public Works regarding 4 ft beaver tube project


- Notice of termination of purchase and sale agreement from Neal & Trudy Leen and reimbursement check for $500


- Memo from Enduris (formerly WGEP) of Board of Director elections


- Copy of 'Lets Talk Risk' from Enduris



- Joe Mitschelen of Rural Community·Assistance Corp. re: income survey


- If project is to go about as a whole lake project, then we will need to survey everyone.


- If project going in phases that may have different funding sources, then need to do separately or coded as to group areas.


- Need to work closely with the funding source and keep them involved.


- RDA is the major funding source to use income criteria


- County could sponsor the project through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), but the County then is the sponsor. These are usually rated or prioritized each year.


- Chief Havener- The fire station is available on May 17 and on most Saturdays. Sheila will get back to him to confirm our meeting date.


- Jim Sayre, Tri-county Health re: Cedar Creek After sending the requested information to Welin's attomey, Tri County never heard back from them.


- Jim spoke with the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and they will be working on 'pushing back' and possible issuance of warrant to stop the 3 noted sites from being used and possibly even go into further discovery.


- Called Bruce Lund from PWTF to check in with him but was not able to connect


- Called Cynthia Wall from DOE to check in and on Comp Plan status, left a message.


- Discussion on the hiring of Darrell Johnson to work on and maintain the beaver tubes: - Darrell in no way expects to be paid $25 A hour for this work.


- Jan states that discussion with Darrell indicates that he would do the work for $12lhr. Jan made motion that the District hire Darrell for $12lhr.


- Gary Beyersdorf comments that we make it performance based. He also adds that he believes having Darrell work the tubes is a conflict of interest.


- Jeff comments that he thinks the use of employees to clean the tubes has failed. He disagrees with hiring Darrell.


- Mike Kanyer comments that he spent a few hours down there doing volunteer work and took pride in getting the water flowing. If the Board wants to give the appearance of "rolling over".go ahead, but if giving a cash buyout (regarding access agreement) the Board will get a lot of flack.


– Jeff requests that we wait until the next meeting to make a decision on the Sterling/Johnson access agreement. He also reminds that we need to work up access requests for the other property owners downstream.


- Jan again made motion to hire Darrell for $12/hr. The motion was seconded and passed.


- The Watershed Group has completely dropped the 4ft tube project.


- POCO already has money from CTED for the proposed deceivers. The Watershed Group is in the process of working up the elements for the formal application for release of funds.


Meeting was called to work on the edit of the District update letter at 6: 18.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.


Sheila Pearman, Managing Secretary

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