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The snowpack for Pend Oreille Valley is 26% below average, Snowpack map and we had a slow melt this year.  Pend Oreille River basins water storage, last year was 912.0, this year is 457.8 as of February 2009, average is 778.8. That indicates lower flood potential and lower spring lake levels this year for Sacheen. The Lake level reading is  9.19 last year was 9 41.  The water is flowing over the top of the bever dams the and tubes. We will have good flow until May or June of  this year.

Fishing season opens April 25th at Sacheen.   Fishing the river will be good this year it opens for fishing on June 1st.  Sacheen Lake was stocked with 5,000 adult Rainbow, 100 Jumbo Eastern Brook, 20,000 Rainbow fry and 10,000 Tiger Trout fry.

Becoming a supporter of our organization. And this website. All supporters have a vote
$ 25.00 for 1 year, send to Save Our Sacheen 107 E Baldwin Spokane WA 99207.               
Or pay online. At


Dear Sacheen Lake property owners:


Lake residents are beginning to return after a rather lengthy and snowy winter. I am writing you to bring to your attention several issues facing us in the near future. Hopefully you will find this information helpful as you continue to enjoy the beauty of our lake.

1.                  Pend Oreille County has completed the property assessments of our lake properties. This re-evaluation is for our 2009 taxes. Property values may have doubled. Plan for an increase in your county taxes. To find out your assessed property value, call the Pend Oreille County Assessors office at 447-4312. To find out your tax bill in 2009 call the County Treasure at 447- 3612. Or click here. Those residents with mortgages may not be receiving their tax information directly. This information may be going to your mortgage company. It may be worthwhile to see your county tax breakdown.


2.                  The Sacheen Lake Sewer and Water Board have put the Terrace residents under an LID (Local Improvement District) for the purposes of providing sewer. An LID is explained under Washington law as follows:


Local improvement districts — Establishment — Special assessments — Bonds.


1) A community renewal agency may establish local improvement districts within the community renewal area, and levy special assessments, in annual installments extending over a period not exceeding twenty years on all property specially benefited by the local improvement, on the basis of special benefits, to pay in whole or in part the damages or costs of the local improvement, and issue local improvement bonds to be paid from local improvement assessments. The formation of the local improvement districts, the determination, levy, and collection of such assessments, and the issuance of such bonds shall be as provided for the formation of local improvement districts, the determination, levy, and collection of local improvement assessments, and the issuance of local improvement bonds by cities and towns, insofar as consistent with this chapter. These bonds may be in any form, including bearer bonds or registered bonds as provided in RCW 39.46.030.


Please refer to the State website at for the full definition, rights and responsibilities of an LID.


Thank you for your attention. You may also visit the Sacheen Lake web site at for more information and links. Thank you again for your time.


Kindest regards,




Jason Sargent


Save our Sacheen   



For those wanting more information related to lake issues, the following meetings are available to you:

The Sacheen Sewer District meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. and the 3rd Thursday at 4 p.m., usually at Ron Schmidt’s house. They are our junior taxing district and deal with sewering, lake level and milfoil among other things. They apply for and hold any approved permits for beaver tube maintenance and installations, milfoil treatment, and are working toward a sewering plan for the Terrace and other interested areas around the lake.

All are welcome to attend these meetings. Occasionally, times and places are changed with one day notice, so it’s a good idea to verify those before the date you plan to attend. All value your direction and opinion, but they need to know what it is.

The officers for this year are as follows:

President - Jason Sargent -

Secretary - Deb Storms -

Treasurer - Jamie Spivy -

 Last but not least - dues are due - please pay your $ 25.00 to any officer and try to recruit a new member or two. Also provide us with any updated email address, home mailing addresses or phone numbers. Thanks to all who have already sought one of us out and paid for the year.

We are always looking for new ideas and topics for the newsletter. If you have an idea or would be interested in writing an article, please let us know.

Thieves Hard At Work At Sacheen:

Tim Head who has a place off of South Shore Road had his BOBCAT (piece of heavy equipment) stolen from his property between Tuesday night and Thursday morning.  He had workers at his property Monday and Tuesday and when he arrived on site Thursday morning the bobcat was gone. 

Also this past week Jim Fox reported that he had 3 live trees cut from his property off of Harworth Road.  He had not been on his property for several weeks and his property is posted NO TRESPASSING. 


Lets all keep an eye out for our neighbors who are not here and report suspicious activities if you see them.  The next time it might be you.

The BOBCAT was found in the woods by a hunter.  The thieves stashed it not far from where they stole it and we apparently going to return for it at a later date but it was discovered before they got back to it!  Also Jeff Storms and Jason Sargent found an abandoned Ford Explorer in the woods when they were hunting - a quick call to the Sherriff's office verifyed that it too was stolen and the thieves had stripped it and ditched it in the woods.

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