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MINUTES: April 3. 2008
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MINUTES: April 3, 2008

LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station





The meeting was called to order at 7:09 by Chairman Ron Schrnidt.  All Commissioners were present. The minutes of the March 25 meeting were read and approved with the following amendment:


 Jill Short states that her concerns were that the District not have to pay too much more for the possible employment of Darrell Johnson than was paid previously to Patrick Morehead.  Also have concerns regarding the number of hours to be worked.


 As the Comprehensive Plan covers the whole lake, who is responsible for its payment as it was initially begun as for the Terrace LID. What if the whole lake docs not buy in too the project?


Jeff presented a card for Bill Lee from Diamond Lake. Bill is a past commissioner of Diamond Lake's Sewer and until recently a member of the planning commission. Bill is ill with brain cancer.



- Revisions have been made to the Comprehensive Plan per the board's  direction. Eric points out that even with the requests made to increase some parameters, some ending costs have gone down.  DOE has allowed for us to go with only 2 drainfields instead of 3 because of the enhanced treatment as well as the seasonal use.


-The Comp Plan figures are based on the big picture of whole lake service. Depending on whether phased or whole lake construction, numbers will change accordingly.


 -Bill Lands notes that the Metaline sewer is having problems per the Newport Miner and that since we are modeling after them it might be wise to check it out. Eric said he was unaware of any issues and would investigate.


 - Jeff expressed concerns for rock excavation and how that will be addressed. Eric said he has taken that into account in the Plan.  The newer technologies are available that are kinder to the landscape such as pneumatic hoe rams.


 - Numbers in the Plan have taken into account that one E-l pump and chamber may serve 2 or even more homes, being fed to the chamber by gravity then pump up to the treatment plant. This will not work in all areas, but would use where we can.


 - District costs would be from the E-I system and beyond. The pump chambers and pumps would be owned by the District.  Connection from the house to the chamber would be the responsibility of the homeowner.


 - Any proposed use of an existing tank would require a leak test.

 - Bill Lands asks if Eric feels he can accurately cost out at system at  this point and Eric says yes.


 -Larry Turner expresses concern of too many homes on one pump chamber. Eric says not likely  to have more that 2 homes per chamber due to cost effectiveness of  additional excavation for gravity line vs additional pump chamber.


 - There will likely be cases where there will only be I home per chamber.


- When get into plan for construction there would be a site plan for each lot indicating where everything will be placed.  


- Based on input from Attorney Mike Orsmby, Eric recommends  that we submit the Comprehensive Plan to DOE for their review and comment before the Board approves it. This will also allow for public comment to the Board while the DOE process is going on. Motion was made seconded and unanimously passed to have 2 copies of the Comprehensive Plan submitted to DOE for agency review and approval


- Jan comments that she feels the Board needs to meet with the Lands and a mediator to discuss concerns. The Lands agree that this would be good, but say they would not want Eric present.


-Donna Lands says that she just does not want to live by a sewer. She wants the ability to sell her property if the treatment plant goes across the highway from her. She feels the Board cannot assure her that we will not contaminate her well, therefore she cannot continue to live there.


 - Mike Kanyer asks if now that we have a Comprehensive Plan for the whole Lake, what if only the Terrace wants to hook up, is it possible? The Plan is designed for a 20 year span. It allows for future design of systems, either phased in or as one.


 - Jill Short expresses a need for more communication from the Board to District residents.


- Eric explains that at the onset of work on a Facility Plan there would be a decision made by the Board as to what boundaries the Facility Plan would encompass. They would present alternatives to the Board and then take direction from the Board as to what the project will include. After a Facility Plan is adopted, then we would order plans worked up for project. These plans then would go for agency approvals.


 - Mike Kanyer asks if there is any wiggle room for chamber size.  Has concerns with power outages etc, and whether the standard chamber size would be large enough. Eric says that catastrophic occurrences need to be considered, but when you increase chamber size you increase costs.  Again it will be up to the Boards direction what size to go with. 


 - Jeff expresses concerns of those with newer septic tanks. Septic tanks cannot be used with the proposed system because the system requires the solids for treatment, not the effluent. It may be possible to pipe through the septic tank portion and install the E-l into the pumping chamber, but the tank would have to be leak tested.


- Discussion was had on how the space of the tank could be the buffer for possible outage overflows.


  - Eric reiterates that we do not want effluent going to the treatment plant, we want the solids. Raw sewage does not have an odor like effluent does.


 - Jeff asks Eric if we have determined exactly how many lots we have in the District. Eric says that when area for service is determined, then go to assessors and verify that number making sure that amendments to plats are covered. At this point the plan gets very specific for each hook up. - Donna Lands states that the County Comp Plan says that a sewage treatment plant must be within its own district boundaries.


-Motion made, seconded, and approved to accept the Scope of Work Change for the PWTF project to be for the Comprehensive Plan for the District as well as the accompanying changes to the loan agreement.


 -Sheila reported on her meeting with Darrel Johnson regarding working on the beaver dams and construction of the deceivers. Darrell states that his normal hourly wage is $25.00. He feels that he can build and install the deceivers in dams 1,2 & 3 for $1,800.


- As part of continued maintenance he would include taking weekly stream flow readings at the barrier dam (which he has been doing for several years), lake level readings, removal of start up dams and cleaning of deceiver screens as needed.


- He feels confident that the deceivers will reduce maintenance costs considerably while at the same time giving more consistent flow of water.


 - Darrell feels that this job is not really so much seasonal as we have made it.  He feels the dams should be checked and cleared through Thanksgiving for flow and monitored for beaver activity and start up dams April through October.


 - Mary & Darrell are proposing as part of their Access Agreement an access fee to include road access to their property. This fee would be $1,800.  

- Question as to whether continued maintenance costs could be included as part of CTED monies.


- Jill Short notes that the Watershed Group has suggested setting aside $1,000 per dam of CTED money for the deceiver construction and installation. She wants to make sure that Darrell is not paid multiple times for the same work.

She also suggests that the Betterment Association is making agreements with Darrell, but Jan disagreed.


 - How many hours per week or month would we anticipate needing for tube work?


 - Jeff notes that we need to get access agreements from other downstream property owners for work on there properties. He has a handbook with samples and will work through it for one.  


- Jill states that she feel Darrell has us over a barrel.


- Jan thinks it's a good idea to have Darrell do this job as he is right there to see what and when things need to be done.  


- General consensus of those present is that paying for access agreement is wrong way to go.


 - Sheila will get proposal from Darrel to the Board.


 - Jill asks if there is any activity from Tri-County Health regarding Cedar Creek Resort as it will soon be opening again for the season. Sheila has had no indication that anything further has transpired.


The Board went into Executive Session at 9:25 to discuss letter to be sent to  District residents. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15


The next meeting will be April 10, at 4:00 pm.


Sheila Pearman, Managing Secretary




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