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Minutes Jan 17, 2008
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MINUTES: January 17,2008

LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. Commissioner Storms was absent. The minutes of the January 3 meeting were read and approved.



- Looking at a prospective remote site that might accommodate lagoon and land application.


- Goal is to have the comprehensive facility plan completed by the end of February.


- Andy states that new investigation of treatment system was precipitated by a call to SeptiT echo when discussing costs the prices were substantially higher than the original quotes.


- Now looking into Aeromod system. They have 3 installations in the state with the closest being in Metaline. There is also one in Royal City serving about 2,000 that has nitrogen removal and application onto a golf course.


- Aeromod is an activated sludge process with historically very good data. This system has nitrogen levels that are under 10 and BOD & TSS removal of 9O%.


- The Metaline system has been in operation for 10 years with very good results. They actually discharge into the River.


- Aeromod provides a modular design that would fit well into phase planning.


- The gross model from the Hydrogeology report shows the Thies property could sustain 240  seasonal and 80 year round homes.


- The Aeromod system does not use lagoons, but open basins having common wall construction about 10 feet above ground. They can go into the ground, but planting buffers would be easier and more cost effective.


- Treatment modules are sized for 27K, 50K, and 80K gallons per day.


- Would spray in the summer and still use drip system in winter months for disposal. Andy feels that a bed would be better than drip system with way under 10 ppm. Generally the beds get planted over with native grasses.


- The treatment plant "consumes" most of the solids and then it goes into a digester. Any remaining sludge is occasionally removed, probably for disposal in Newport.


- Andy states that they have used a very conservative approach and he is confident that the model is conservative.


- Education on water use and monitoring will be very important. It is a living system and do not want to overload it.


- The data shows that even with sewer service provided to lake areas, people tend to continue to use properties seasonally. Other lakes have data that show this is a conservative design for flow rates used. Winter flow rates on lakes average about 40% of summer flows.


- Within the facility plan Sewell will be presenting alternatives that include cost and effectiveness.


- Sewell suggests that the District continue to look for another 40 acre site, probably within 3 miles of the lake to serve the other of the lake. Even if found another site that could support a lagoon/irrigation system would still likely use the same 40% winter flow rate.


- Sewell is not trying to avoid a lagoon/irrigation system. They type system to be used is dictated by the property that it is located on.


- Eric and Andy will be heading up to Metaline on Monday to check out their Aeromod system.


- The reason the Geoflow system is not being considered is because its benefits are minimal in the winter.


- Still planning on using the E-l pump. It has less opportunity to receive outside water to introduce into the system.


- It looks like those who have good viable tanks will be able to use them by abandoning chamber # 1 and placing the pump into chamber #2.



- Notice from Public Works regarding Shoreline Master Program

- Request from Auditor for annual filing statement

- Copy of Letter from the Lands to Terrace LID residents

- Response to Lands letter from Karen Averitt

- Copy of <Gardening in Pend Oreille"



- Sheila spoke with Dave Lamb. He met with Terry McNabb but Terry still did not have some of the information needed by Dave.


-Terry suggested that Kathy Hamel from DOE Aquatic Management Fund has money available. Dave will check into that. They would both like to attend the February 7 meeting. We will revisit Dave's proposal for 2008 at that time.


- Dave met with someone from the Midwest who will be working with the Tribe on a weevil project. We might want to keep an eye on what happens there.


- Terry sent an e-mail regarding re-treatment of certain areas this summer, but details are yet to come.


- Ron would like to plan a meeting to begin the LID process for Kohles Beach for May.


- Time to work up letters to both the District residents and Terrace residents for a project update.


- Sheila spoke with Mike Lithgow from Planning regarding the progress of the 4 foot tubes. Mike says it is in the District hands to provide them with some engineering, a monitoring plan that DOE can approve and a plan for safe installation and maintenance. This plan needs to be submitted to the County for approval.


- Jill Short asks if the District has heard any news on Cedar Creek. Sheila will check in with Jim Sayre.


The next meeting will be February 7, at 7:00 The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm


Sheila Pearman, Managing Secretary



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