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Minutes Feb7, 2008
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MINUTES: February 7, 2008

LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. All Commissioners were present. The minutes of the January 17 meeting were read and approved.


- Notice of workshops from DOE

- Letter from the Leens

- Copy ofWSSWD Pipeline

- Letter from State Auditor


- Ron reports that a complaint call was made to DOE regarding a smelly sewer pond near the lake.

- Dave Lamb proposal will be revisited at the March 6 meeting. David will attend.

- The letter from the Leens is in response to our request to release earnest money funds. They feel the money should be released to them as they feel they met all requests/requirements from the District. Sheila will forward letter to Mike Ormsby with request that the earnest money be split half to the Leens and halfback to the District.

- The DOE workshop is in regard to public review of the Water Quality Assessment and 303(d) List. Sheila will be in town that evening and will attend. 

- Ron reported on his trip up to Metaline with Eric and Andy to view the Aeromod System.

- When aerators are not running there is virtually no sound. When they run it sounds like a truck running.

- The building they have is about 20 x 50 and houses the gauges and pumps.

- Tanks are outside the building.

- The maintenance guy works approx. 13 hours per week.

- There was no detectable odor.

- You would not know the system were there until you drove right up to it.

- For us we would add one more element that removes nitrates before land application.

- Jeff states that he wants to see us plan for a system that accommodates all those hooked up all the time, not just for seasonal flows.

- Dean Cummings has been talking with Jeff about the possible DNR land exchange. Apparently there would not need to be a monetary or land exchange at all. The parcel being considered is 640 acres. Cummings says that he would like to see the County use the property for a park.

- Eric Eldenburg has communicated with the DNR reps and is working on geting a meeting set up. He says the DNR does not want to get rid of the property for 2 years.

- Jeff reports that he is frustrated with the 4 foot tube project and had told POCD that. He feels that it is unclear as to what the County wants us to do. If the project is not going to go forth he feels the money set aside for the project from the West Branch group should go back to them for another use or to get some type of engineering done. The project was set up to be a volunteer project but the requirements from the County seem to require it to be much more.

- Jeff states that we won't be issued a permit to put the 4' tubes on big feet to secure them as no one anywhere in the state bas been given that okay.

- Ron spoke of his conversation with Eric Eldenburg and the fact that we need to learn to live with the beavers.

- Ron would like to see this project professionally engineered.

-Sheila will write a letter to Jim Marthaller asking what type of engineering he wants done and where the money for such engineering might come from. Ask for guidelines of all he is _ requiring of us. CC to County Commissioners.

- Andy and Eric suggest that we enlist the services of RAC(?) for an income survey for the whole District. lbis is a free service funded by the government to help out rural areas in securing funding for projects.

- Motion was made and passed to request the survey. Ask if we can possibly have the information also sorted by areas within the whole District to allow for funding project phases.

- Discussion was had regarding the current PWTF loan. Because the project has changed so much since the loan's inception, Sheila will discuss with Bruce Lund a change in scope of work and restructure. Motion was made and passed to request restructure.

- Motion was made and passed that the District commit to using the Thies property as our site for Phase I.

- Motion was made and passed to sign both the JARP A and SEP A forms for submittal.

The next meeting will be February 21, at 4:00

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm


Sheila Pearman

Managing Secretary

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