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Minutes Feb 21, 2008
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MINUTES: February 21, 2008

LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. All Commissioners were present. The minutes of the February 7 meeting were read and approved with the following amendment:

We would not be allowed to put the 4 foot beaver tubes on feet because our JARPA & SEPA are not written to include installation on feet.


- Will complete the Comprehensive Plan with emphasis on facility design with possible emphasis on DNR property. Andy figures that 80-85% of the information gathered will be applicable using either Thies property or DNR land.

- When the draft plan is complete it will go to DOE for approval

- Comp Plan is to layout sewers and have relative costs to prepare for Facility Plan. Andy and Eric feel that once the Comp Plan is complete, development of the Facility Plan is relatively easy.

- John Kopp states that he feels it is time to sewer the lake, especially the Terrace area with the high density there. He is not averse to using the former "Thies property", now the Kopp property for the sewer if done correctly. As long as problems such as smell and contamination are addressed to his satisfaction John feels that the property could still be considered.

- An area of approximately 100 x 200 ft would need to be fenced around the treatment area and then possibly use cyclone or pasture fence around the whole of the property. This could then be buffered by use of planting bushes.

- The building that would house the controls etc. would look like a shop building from the highway side. On the back side of the building would be the treatment process. The treatment process would not be visible from the highway side.

- Eric has not heard back from the DNR regarding a meeting with the District. He will call again tomorrow.

- The Comp Plan is based on an initial phase of 200 units, with a second phase of 240 units.

- Ron asked the Lands if the building and facilities are "hidden" and buffered would that satisfy them, but received no answer.

- Ron asked Eric if putting could be possible and Eric said possibly, but access from Veit Road would be more difficult.

- Concerns were expressed about building a large enough system for all parcels in the District. Andy comments that Sacheen Lake is not a residential lake but a recreational one and that overbuilding is not recommended.

- Ron invited John Kopp to go view the Aeromod system up in Metaline Falls with he and Andy. They will work on a time to make that happen.

- The Kopps state that if they were to allow the District to use the property they would sell it to the District but did not quote a price.


- The purpose of the RCAC is to go out and do "good deeds" in technical assistance with federal money through non-profits. Several agencies combine resources to pay for this service.

- Joe would be an independent third party to do an income survey. He will prepare a survey to go out to all District members. Survey would include cover letter, survey, stamped self addressed envelope to return. Survey asks for Gross Household Income (before anything is taken out).

- One key piece of information for him is who we will be seeking assistance from as all funding agencies have different criteria. Rural Development looks for Median Income where as CDBG looks for low to moderate incomes.

- Joe does the work of collation of information but not the hands on mailing etc. That would either be done by District or volunteers.

- RDA could possibly have granting worth 300%. if the median income is low enough.

- Agencies often like to partner up and leverage their funds so it is good to be working with several agencies.

- Awesome public relations if required for a good outcome so that residents understand the importance of the survey and especially the confidentiality involved.

- The only thing the District will get from RCAC is the result, such as the median #. It is that information that is then passed on to the funding agency.

- One of the first things to do would be to sit down with a group of funding agencies at the same time such as PwrF, RDA, and DOE so all are on the same page and that we know the criteria each is looking for so one survey can serve all of them.

- If a house is occupied by a renter or a non-owner, the residents income would be used, not the owners.


-Copy of February issue of Pipeline from WASWD


- Bill Lands comments that open tanks will create an odor then agitated and cool.

- Mike Kanyer says that when he was looking to install his system that Tri-County Health told them that they were wary of "package" systems. They viewed them as problematic, especially UV systems.

The next meeting will be March 6, at 7:00 The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm


Sheila Pearman, Managing Secretary

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