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Minutes March 6, 2008

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MINUTES: March 6, 2008

LOCATION: Sacheen Fire Station

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by Chairman Ron Schmidt. All Commissioners were present. The minutes of the February 21 meeting were read and approved with the following amendment:

Bill Lands comments that they would insist that any treatment building that might be constructed on the property across from him should be hidden so it will can not be seen from the Lands property.

The Lands suggest that science would prove that there would be odor problems down hill of the plant when the lake cools down.


- Dave went over the letters to and from Aquatechnex regarding our concerns of unsatisfactory results from last season's treatment and the clause regarding proper application. He has encouraged Terry to come speak to us but as of yet has had no response.

- Dave feels that June is as early as we can get our plant survey done because of the water temperature for the divers and lack of plant growth by then for proper survey results.

- Dave believes that the application hoses from the Aquatechnex boat were just too flexible for proper application depth. He has asked Terry to retreat about one half of the area treated last year and Terry has basically agreed.

- The drip system in Moon Creek seems to have been very effective.

- Dave delivered Aquatechnex' year end report. He feels the information contained is fine but that it took way too long to get it to both us and to Sharon Sorby.

- According to the contract with Aquatechnex, any price change in the chemical should have been reported by the end of January and as of yet there is no indication of any change.

- Even though last year's treatment was less than stellar, Dave suggests we stick with Aquatechnex for one more season to see if they can come up to our expectations.

- Dave is presently preparing the final closeout report for the 2002-2007 work to be submitted to DOE as part of the grant requirement.

- Dave had submitted a proposal for work in 2008 to the Board that would cost just under $5,000. The largest cost of the proposal is for plant surveying and oversight of herbicide application. Dave also suggests that we continue with

*Water quality monitoring especially testing for phosphorus. It would be good PR to get more people involved in that effort

*Plant ID workshop as it is good for residents to see close up the different aquatic plant that we have and to know that they are all not "bad".

The board requested that Dave resubmit his proposal based on a $3,000 budget. Dave will work up a new proposal for the Board.


- Request from Diane Wear for a list of District's registered voters

- Letter from State Auditor regarding Auditing Standard No. 114

- Copy ofW ASWD Pipeline

- W ASWD 2008 Spring Conference flyer


- Ron sites his recent copy of "Diggings" and says there is an article about riparian work and that the Tribe is having a workshop on it.

- Ron would like to see us and our lake associations work together more and better as to educating everyone in the different ways we can protect our lake. Including more regular mailings with information going out.

- Education is one ofthe key items that they Watershed Group is focusing on.

- Karen Averitt reports that she communicated with Patrick Morehead recently and he will not be returning to work at the lake this summer.

- Karen asked Darrell Johnson to check dams 2 & 3 for flow. Darrell took off the screens that were completely clogged and then checked the flow. It had been running at 10 CFS and after a few days with the screens off it was up to 17.

- A stream leveler system design was presented at the Watershed meeting. Darrell says that he could make them. He would also be willing to be hired to maintain dams 2 & 3. Karen believes that some of the CTED money could probably be used to make the levelers.  Would Darrell be willing to maintain all the tubes, or just 2 & 3? What would his hourly rate be?

- We need to write access agreements to the downstream property owners for continued work on the dams. Sheila will get current list of names and addresses.

- Need to double check that the levelers would be covered under our current HPA.

- The Watershed Group would like representation from the District to attend their meetings.

They meet at the Riverside Fire Station the last Monday of the month at 6:00. Ron will try to go and if not Jan will.

- Diamond Lake is wanting to work on their beaver problems too ~ they are looking at what we do.

- The $75,000 CTED money cannot be used for study.

- As of yet no grant money has been applied for for facilitators for the Watershed Group.

- It was understood that the initial $15,000 could only be used for on the ground projects, but now it seems that money has been opened up for use on anything. Pam Zarko says that the POCD representative said that it was due to misinterpretation that the money could not be used for a real hydrology survey.

- Minutes from the Watershed Group are on the POCD website.

- Karen Averitt is putting together a SCOPE issue. The District may submit an article for inclusion.

- County Commissioner Cummings is looking to acquire Section 36 for a county park and possible use by the District for sewer. Eric Eldenburg has set up a meeting with DNR on Monday the 17th  at 10:00 to investigate the possibility of acquiring it for the District, independent of the County.

The next meeting will be March 20, at 4:00 The meeting was adjourned at 9: 1 0 pm

Sheila Pearman, Managing Secretary

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