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Sacheen Lake Sewer & Water District

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Minutes Jan 3, 2008

Minutes Jan 17, 2008

Minutes Feb 7, 2008

Minutes Feb 21, 2008

Minutes March 6, 2008

Minutes March 20, 2008

Minutes March 25, 2008

Minutes April 3, 2008

Minutes April 17,2008

Minutes: May 1,2008

Minutes: May 15, 2008

Minutes: June 2 2008

Minutes: June 19, 2008

Minutes: July 3, 2008

Minutes: July 17, 2008

Minutes: August 7, 2008

Minutes: August 21, 2008

Minutes: September 4, 2008

Minutes: Sepember 18, 2008 pdf.(507.90 kb)

Minutes: September 29, 2008

Minutes: October 2, 2008

Minutes:October 16,2008

Minutes: November 6, 2008

Minuntes:November 20, 2008

Sacheen Lake Water Quality

Kennedy Report,pdf file.(23.7mb) click here to download file

Sewer Comprehensice Plan, pdf file. click here to download file

little Spokane River Revised Wetland Delineation Report. pdf. file click here to download file

Milfoil Control Piroject Final Report.pdf file. click here to download file

RCW 35.81.190 Local improvement districts Establishment Special assessments Bonds.

Laws and Agency Rules Statutes and Constitution

Property Tax Assessment Page

Article Page

Sacheen Lake Sewer & Water Dist 2008 Budget

Sewer & Water Dist Letter April 25 2008

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