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The Sacheen " Ladies of the Lake " welcomes you to this beautiful place.  We are a philanthropic and social group that meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at noon. 
NEWCOMERS. We have a little packet with lots of good information about our lake and local area, waiting just for you.
We have an annual auction in July.  Proceeds go to our local charites.  We have our yearly calendar with pictures provided by the Ladies of the Lake.  Send us your best shots.  If you are interesed in purchasing our calendar send an email to We also have a progressive luncheon by pontoon in August. We have our Annual Potato Bake in March.  Every year we come up with new and exciting adventures.  We have a group of women who play Mah Jongg all winter long and another group of women who play Michigan Rummy, all summer long.  Come join us sometime.  You can contact Jill Short, President at 509-477-4499

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