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Proper operating instructions for ice retardant systems " Ice Eaters "

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      Proper operating instructions for ice retardant systems?

Determine system size needed.  A 1/2 hp motors opens 50' diameter area and 1 hp opens 90' diameter area.  A motor that is too big will open up an area in excess of the 25' allowable area designated in local municipal ordinances.

Go green and save.  Get a timer and a thermostat for your system.  Save energy and money. Remember 4 hours of operating daily should be sufficient to keep the area by your property from freezing over.

Follow system directions.  These systems are not designed to impede public access to lake. 

Place the system in the correct direction. In most cases, the device should be positioned vertically and not pointing out to the middle or the lake or in towards the shoreline. 

Stop using your system when the ice starts to melt.  Watch the ice and when it starts to melt, usually in late February/March, turn your system off.  A thin sheet  of ice needs to connect to your dock.  This should prevent blowing sheets of thicker ice from other areas from crashing into your dock.

We recommend posting a sign or flag that says "Danger: Thin Ice" or "Caution: Open Water" as a general precaution for safety.  

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