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2011 Sacheen Lake trout Stocking.

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 Sacheen Lake  received,  Apr 15,  5,018 ( TRB) Triploid  Rainbow Trout 8 to 12".  In Apr,  20,000 (RB) rainbow fry 2 to 5 inch,
and 11,500 (EB) Eastern Brook Trout fry 2 to 5 inch.
No “jumbo” rainbow Trout This Year.  

Opening Day, For Fishing Last Sat. in Apr. ( 30th ) to Oct. 31

  Boat Launch opens April 23th.  

2011 Hatchery Trout Stocking Plan for Washington Lakes and Streams

Please consult the Fishing in Washington sport fishing regulation pamphlet for seasons, bag limits, and special regulations.

2010-2011 Sport Fishing Regulation Pamphlet Download: 2010-2011 Fishing in Washington Rules Click Here

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