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"Whats Going On"


Ladies, great news, we have a plan in the works for our first craft class that has the potential for becoming a fundraiser.

We need you ladies to save your wine corks, those of you that enjoy a "little of the grape".  All types and brands will work. 
Also, we are in need of wooden picture frames, 8 X 10 or smaller would be appreciated, glass not needed nor the backing.
We will need glue guns and sticks as well.  If other supplies are needed, I will pass them along as the plans firm up.

The current plan is to get together one afternoon, probably in April, and enjoy learning a new craft and enjoying the company of our ladies.
If you have any of the supplies, and want them out of your way, either bring them to one of the next meetings or contact me and arrangements will be made to take them out of your way.

As our plans firm up, I will pass along the details.  If you have supplies to contribute or know now this is something you want to participate in, let me know at 509-998-4221 (just leave a message)
 or by email.


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