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Sacheen Lake Info


To report a dangerous animal situation, or a situation that poses an immediate danger to fish or wildlife call 227-6560 to contact Fish and Wildlife thru state patrol per Sgt Mike Charron of WDFW

Snow   We are in the snow belt and have occasional power outages. Cell phones don't work in all locations and only corded phones work when the power is out.  The number to report outages is 447-3137 (PUD).

Supplies   Store N' More is the closest place for gas, food, and fishing or launching licenses. Their address is 5682 HWY 211.

Fishing   Speaking of fishing, it opens on the stream (the West Branch of the LIttle Spokane River) flowing out of Sacheen about a month later than on the lake.

Fire   We have a volunteer fire department (and EMT's) with excellent response time. The Ladies of the Lake have donated funds for equipment and toward the new building

News   The weekly local newspaper is the Newport Miner at 447-2433.

Voting   The Pend Oreille County offices are in Newport in the courthouse at 625 4th St. This area votes by mail.

Dogs   We do have a dog ordinance, but not licensing in the unincorporated county.

Garbage   Garbage pick up service is available from Excess Disposal at 208-437-4502, or go to the transfer station on Deer Valley Rd. (call 447-3054 for days and hours).

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